It’s time we had a little heart to heart…

Gabe invitedby SpecialWindler me to his D.C. penthouse for this interview, and we sat down in his kitchen over a cup of freshly roasted coffee.
Erynn: Thanks for the invite. Nice place.
Gabe: Well, you did most of the work. I’m glad you could come. I’ve been wanting to sit down with you for a while. So, how ya doin’ gorgeous?
E: I’m doing well. You, Di Salvo, need to behave yourself and quit flirting. I’m a happily married woman.
G: Aren’t they all? But I can’t help it. You know I love you, and it’s not like you’ve given me any other options. Plus when have you known me to do what you want me to do?
E: That is an excellent point. You can be a little head strong.
G: Isn’t that kind
of your own doing?
E: Touché. But this is supposed to be an interview. Don’t you have some questions for me or something?
G: Lady, do I ever. Like the coffee? It’s Kenyan.
E: Uh, I’m actually not much of a coffee drinker.
G: And you call yourself an author. *shakes head* Alright, first of all, let’s talk story. Just so all our readers will know—Out of Darkness is a novel about a noble hero *cough, smirk* who cares for his best friend’s widow when said best friend is killed on their wedding day. Elisabeth, the bride, teaches our hero about God’s love and makes him a better man and all that. And just when he’s about to get his happily ever after, his best friend comes home! Because God, and you, have a twisted sense of irony. Then, it’s all about how I save the day so the two love birds can have their happily ever after.
E: Umm, I don’t
know if . . . is that a question?
G: Yeah, why do you hate me? I’m a pretty stand up guy. I do the right thing. I’m loyal to my friends. I protect the innocent. So . . . where’s the love?
 E: That’s not fair. You know I love you. And I only want the best for you.
G: Yeah, I’ve heard that somewhere before. Something about “my good and God’s glory.” Oh, wait, that’s what Elisabeth is always telling me.
E: Yeah, well, she’s a smart lady.
G: *Swallows* Ahem, anyway. I have some questions here. *Pulls out a notebook* Always prepared, like the boy scout I am. So, how did you come up with the idea for Out of Darkness?
E: I’ve actually been writing this story for most of my life. The idea to have two people on the run through Europe came to me when I first went there back when I was in high school. Such romantic locations. Scenes would just come to me. I thought that was normal—tha
t everyone just had stories and characters in their heads all the time. It took me a lot longer than I care to admit to realize that meant I was a writer.
G: Well, I’m glad you finally realized it. What’s your inspiration?
E: Hmm. I have lots. Songs I hear on the radio. Sermons, books (both fiction and nonfiction), TV shows, movies. Lots of things inspire me.
G: Alright, but specifically for me. How on earth did you dream up such a delightful combination of intelligence, good looks, charm, and wit?
E: Wow. Humble much?
G: Humility is not one of my many strong suits.
E: It’s a good thing I know you, and I realize this is all talk. Behind all your bluster and macho talk, you’re a pretty deep guy.
G: Another of my strong suits. But you’re not answering the question.
E: Sorry, so
rry. Most of my characters are combinations of several different celebrities and TV or movie characters. You were inspired by Michael Weatherly as Anthony Dinozzo on NCIS.
G: Hey, I like that guy.
E: Of course.
G: I guess w
e should start wrapping this up. But I just have to know. Any ideas for a sequel? Maybe one where our delightful underdog finally gets his own happy ending?
E: Oh, lots. You never know. *waggles eyebrows*
G: *Smirks* Last question, are you gonna drink that coffee?
E: I . . . no. *slides cup across the table*
G: Thanks. You don’t know what you’re missing.

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