• Getting to know Elisabeth Marek

red By Marta St▲rbucks

    Photo by Marta St▲rbucks
  • Elisabeth Avery Allen Marek
  • 5’6″, slender but curvy, curly auburn hair, brown/gold eyes, light freckles you can only see when she doesn’t wear makeup.
  • Not athletic.
  • An only child. Extremely close with her parents.
  • Works part time in her parents’ diner in D.C. but is an aspiring painter.
  • Prefers skirts to pants if she’s going out, but sweats to anything.
  • Prefers country to city.
  • B.A. in Studio Art from Maryland University
  • Hobbies: painting, sketching, reading, dancing to Christian Hip Hop while cleaning, finding beauty in the mundane. God’s creativity and her belief that He shares this love with her is one of her favorite things about her relationship with him.
  • Desires of her heart: To share her art with the world, but mostly to be a woman of God—to be the kind of wife and mother her mom was. To love her husband well, and to make the little moments special, even if they never have much. To never take a moment with the man she loves for granted. To find Happily Ever After.
  • Best friends are her family. Drew and his sister and brother-in-law, her parents. Gabe. And the owner of the gallery she works for, Margot. And books.
  • Literary snob and trivia buff.
  • Personality traits: Kindness, gentleness, humor, passion, creativity, and love.
  • She has only ever loved one man. Until…
  • Her perfect day: spending the whole day outside, some place beautiful, natural, and secluded . . . with Drew. Painting in the morning light. Maybe an afternoon excursion—lunch at a little café or a picnic. Then home and into pajamas for a night in. Low key dinner and a movie, cuddled up on the couch with her man.
  • She likes to watch CIA shows: Alias, Chuck, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs. . . mostly because they drive Drew and Gabe crazy. They’re all “Oh, come on! That is NOT how it works.”  And she’s all, “Then how DOES it work?”  And they’re all.  “We can’t tell you, or we’d have to kill you.”
  • She hates sushi and has a weakness for sweets. Particularly Drew’s chocolate chip pancakes and her mom’s apple pie.
  • Phobias: Blood, fire, and frogs. She trusts her life to both of the heroes in her life, but she fears them putting their own lives in peril and her own inability to help them.
  • Joys: Jesus, her family and friends, an empty sketchbook and new pencils, spring blossoms that bring the world back to life after winter, a quiet day with a good book, walking on the beach, good music, a ride on the back of Gabe’s motorcycle, holding a baby, a good cup of coffee. She’s an artist—she finds joy in a lot of simple things.
  • She’s been a Christian since she was a little girl. Her love for God is deep and abiding. God has proven his goodness to her in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances.
  • Loves musicals and classic movies. Sabrina is her favorite. Wants to be Audrey Hepburn when she grows up.

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