Everything you ever wanted to know about Andrew Marek…


  • His name means Warrior.
  • 5’11, lean but athletic build, black wavy hair, angular jaw, blue eyes that change hue like a mood ring.
  • Lives in Washington D.C.
  • He’s a language officer for the CIA, speaks seven languages fluently and knows the basics of twenty more
  • Son of a fire chief who was killed in the Pentagon on September 11th, absent mother
  • One older sister and a brother-in-law: Melanie and Michael
  • Best friend: Gabriel Di Salvo and, of course, Elisabeth
  • Hates ties, loves to read (in any language)
  • Coaches his niece’s peewee soccer team
  • Almost supernaturally observant. He reads other people’s emotions well, and he’s very empathetic.
  • His deepest desires are to keep the world safe from the kind of bad guys that killed his dad. On a personal level—to make the most of every moment with Elisabeth, to make all her dreams come true, and to be the kind of man his dad would be proud of if he were around to see him.
  • Hardest part about the job: lying. He values trust, honesty, and integrity above everything.
  • Strongest traits: Loyalty, Selflessness, Wit, Compassion, and Sensitivity. He loves poetry and art and he feels deeply.
  • Met Elisabeth at 14. Knew he would marry her at 17. If other women exist, he’s never noticed.
  • His perfect day: A Sunday morning at the church he grew up in, a picnic and a game of soccer in the park with his sister’s family afterward, and a quiet evening at home with Elisabeth in his arms.
  • Suffers from PTSD because . . . well, you’ll have to read the book.
  • Phobias: Not being able to protect his family—or worse that he might be the one to hurt them, trusting the wrong person, scorpions.
  • Joys: Serving God and country, time with his family, seeing his past, present, and future in Elisabeth’s eyes.
  • He became a Christian at twelve. His Dad was a great spiritual role model. He always liked studying theology and had a deep relationship with God.  Seeing his dad struggle to raise two children on his own without becoming bitter helped prepare him for his own struggles.  Losing him really rocked his world, and he questioned everything he always believed.  But God was gracious, and called him back.  His faith after his rebellion is even stronger.
  • Makes amazing chocolate chip pancakes.


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